OG Kush Blunt


Each Classic Packwoods consists of 2 Grams of Premium Flower, infused with High Potency Concentrate, dusted in Kief, and rolled in an 100% Tobacco Free blunt. This hand-rolled masterpiece has become a crowd favorite and a staple for any cannabis connoisseur. 2g.


OG Kush Blunt

Indica is one of the maximum widely wide-spread species of the Cannabaceae family. Think of it like a large, goofy large whose favored hobby is spooning at the couch while you men pay attention to The Doors, despite the fact that you suspect The Doors are overrated, if you’re being absolutely sincere.
In contrast with a sativa, its sprightlier sister species, indica lines generally p.C. A better THC punch and sweetly lull you into a happy, cozy, floaty-limbed nation of being. Indica traces can be a effective resource in preventing sleeplessness, loss of appetite, pain, tension and despair, and are recognised for offering a bigger frame excessive than other strains.


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