Infused Lemon Drop Packarillos – 3 Pack


Lemon Drop is a sweet and tangy citrus strain. The high is euphoric and great for treating anxiety and stress, but have the snacks ready for the munchies! .75 grams each of Premium Flower, infused with 20% Nugrun sauce, and an engineered cross-cut glass filter in a slow-burning, 100% Tobacco-free wrap. 2.25g.


Infused Lemon Drop Packarillos – 3 Pack

Sativa is one of the most time-honored species of the Cannabaceae family, and for right reason: It could make you feel like a innovative genius and enhance your attention. Whereas indicas may be best for relaxation, sativa traces produce a head high that’s good for social settings and may even offer a boost of electricity in terms of physical sports. Sativa flora have longer, slender leaves which could lead you to believe you need to discover ways to play the piano. As a complete-grown person.


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